Class definitions for dynamic constraints.

o constraint
base class for dynamic constraints.
o uconstraint
base class for unilateral constraints
o bconstraint
base class for bilateral constraints
o rigidClosure
A bilateral constraint that prevents one link from moving relative to the world coordinate system, or prevents two links from moving relative to each other.
o ballJointConstraint
A bilateral constraint for ball joints.
o planarPinConstraint
A bilateral constraint for pin joints.
o simpleJointConstraint
A bilateral constraint that constrains two joints to have equal or opposite acceleration.
o limitConstraint
A unilateral constraint for joint limits.
o tetherConstraint
A unilateral constraint for an ideal tether between a link and a fixed world point
o contactConstraint
A unilateral constraint for frictionless contact between a link and a fixed surface.
o frictionContact
A unilateral constraint for a frictional contact between a link and a fixed surface.
o rollingContact
unilateral constraint for rolling contact with friction.
o constraintSolver
The constraintSolver class implements a modified version of Baraff's algorithm [1], [2] for bilateral and unilateral constraints, with and without static and dynamic friction.
o addJointConstraints
adds limitConstraints to m for the joint DOFs that have limits.
dynoConstraint.h contains class definitions for dynamic constraints and constraintSolver, a class that performs constraint satisfaction for a system of mechanisms.

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