In file /home/blah/darwin2k/src/d2k/ctrl/ffController.h:

class ffController

an SRI-based controller for robots with free-flying, unactuated bases.


Inherited from sriController:

Public Fields

Internal controller state

odouble mu
odouble lambda0
oint singularCount
odouble ignoreLimitThresh
odouble gradientStepSize
oint doGradientDescent
oconst char* jointControllerName
odouble minRate
oint reachedFirst
oint lastNumEndPts
osriControllerMode mode
ojointController* jtCtrl

Public Methods

ovirtual int readParams(paramParser* parser)
ovirtual int setVariables(const ptrList* taskParams)
ovirtual int simInit(d2kSimulator* sim)
ovoid setMode(sriControllerMode m)

Public Members

oenum sriControllerMode

Inherited from controller:

Public Fields

ovector accCmd
ovector Tcmd
omechanism* mech
odynoTimer* timer
odofInfluence* inf
oint alwaysUpdate

Public Methods

ovirtual double maxDt(void)
ovirtual int computeTorqueCommand(double currentTime, int &computedAcc)
ovirtual int computeAccelerationCommand(double currentTime)
ovirtual int madeProgress(double currentTime)
ovirtual int reset(void)

Public Members

o inherited from d2kComponent
o not currently used

Protected Fields

odouble _maxDt

Inherited from d2kComponent:

Public Fields

od2kSimulator* sim
oconfiguration* cfg
oconst char* label
oint active

Public Methods

ovirtual int minCfgs(void) const
ovirtual int maxCfgs(void) const
ovirtual const char* getCfgName(int i)
ovirtual int init(ptrList* Cfgs)
ovirtual int forceCfgResolution(void)
ovirtual int cleanup(void)
ovirtual int update(int &violated)
ovirtual const cfgLabelRecord* getLabelRec(int i) const

Inherited from synObject:

Public Fields

ostatic int staticClassID
oint objectID
oint verboseLevel

Public Methods

ovirtual const char* className(void) const
ovirtual synObject* copy(void) const
ovirtual int isOfType(int typeNum, int derivedOk)
ostatic int setStaticClassID(void)
ovirtual int classID(void) const


an SRI-based controller for robots with free-flying, unactuated bases. This controller is similar to the sriController, but uses the robot's dynamic equations to compute joint torque commands that will cause the desired end effector motions even when the robot's base is passively. The interface for the ffController is identical to that of the sriController; no class-specific variables are read from p-files or task parameters. File variables
See sriController class.

This class has no child classes.

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