In file /home/blah/darwin2k/src/d2k/apl/path/pathEvaluator.h:

class pathEvaluator

evaluator for tasks consisting of a series of cartesian-space end-effector trajectories.


Inherited from evaluator:

Public Fields

ometricSpecifierList metricSpec
optrList metrics
optrList taskParamRecs

Public Methods

ovirtual int readParams(const char* fname)
ovirtual int setVariables(const ptrList* taskParams)
ovirtual int evaluateConfiguration(void)
ovirtual int postComponentCreationHook(void)
ovirtual int postCfgInitHook(void)
ostatic evaluator* createEvaluatorFromFile(const char* evFilename)
oinline metric* getMetric(int i)
ometric* getMetricByType(const char* className)
oinline taskParamRecord* getTaskParam(int i)
oinline int numTaskParams(void)
ovoid printMetrics(FILE* fp)

Public Members

o#define getMetricByName(name)

Inherited from d2kSimulator:

Public Fields

odynamicSystem* ds
oconfiguration* cfg
optrList cfgs
optrList d2kComponents
odouble dt
odouble maxRealtime
od2kDisplayHook* display
odouble simTimeout
oulong startSecs
otriple gravity
ouniformField* gravityInfluence
oint useGravity
oint useDynamicSimulation

Public Methods

ovirtual int init(ptrList* cfgs)
ovirtual int cleanup(void)
ovirtual int dynoCleanup(void)
ovirtual int minCfgs(void) const
ovirtual int maxCfgs(void) const

Hooks for derived classes

Inherited from synObject:

Public Fields

ostatic int staticClassID
oint objectID
oint verboseLevel

Public Methods

ovirtual const char* className(void) const
ovirtual synObject* copy(void) const
ovirtual int isOfType(int typeNum, int derivedOk)
ostatic int setStaticClassID(void)
ovirtual int classID(void) const


evaluator for tasks consisting of a series of cartesian-space end-effector trajectories. Each trajectory is represented by a path (or derived class) object, and the paths are organized into groups. Within each group, there can be 0 or 1 paths for each of the robot's end effectors, and the pathEvaluator switches to the next group of paths after all paths in the current group have been successfully followed to their ends.

The pathEvaluator expects to find an sriController (or derived object) to generate joint-space commands from the cartesian space paths.

This class has no child classes.

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