Convenience functions for creating link geometry.

o computeInnerRadius
computes the inner radius for an n-gon with the given outer radius and wall thickness.
o computeOuterRadius
computes the outer radius for an n-gon with the given inner radius and wall thickness.
o adjustDensity
computes a multiplier to adjust the density of a regular, n-sided polygon so that its mass will be the same as a disc of the same radius
o transformPartCoords
transforms the coordinates of p's mpolys and connectors by trans and q
o transformPolyCoords
transforms the coordinates of p by trans and q
o transformPolyListCoords
transforms the coordinates of the mpolys in p by trans and q
o createBlock
creates an mpoly for a solid block.
o makeRegularHollowPrism
creates a list of mpolys representing a regular, hollow prism.
o makeRegularPrism
creates an mpolys representing a regular prism.
o makeElbowHalf
deprecated; see src/dyno/dynoAux/geometrycxx for details
o createBlockPart
creates a part consisting of a single block.
o makeElbowJoint
makes a simple joint consisting of two identical pieces connected by a revolute joint.
o makeBoxBeam
makes a part for a box beam.
o makeTelescopingBeam
makes a two-piece, box-section telescoping beam
o makeTelescopingBeam3
makes a three-piece, box-section telescoping beam
o makeUbracket
makes a U-bracket (yoke)
o makeTelescopingTube
makes a 3-segment telescoping tube.
o createDiscPart
creates a disc.
o computeSphereActualZ
computes the actual Z extent of a polygonal approximation of a sphere, as created by createSphere()
o createSphere
creates a polygonal approximation of a sphere.
o createSpherePart
creates a sphere.
o extrudePolygon
extrudes a polygon to form a solid.
o makeRoundedRectangle
makes an mpoly composed of a block attached to a half-cylinder, so that the half-cylinder's rounded surface is tangent to two opposite sides of the block
o connectAssemblies
connects two assemblies.
o Global color definitions
o readMPoly
reads an mpoly from the indicated file pointer.
dynoGeometry.h provides a number of functions for creating mpolys, parts, and assemblies.

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