Header file for influence and dynoLimiter classes.

o dynoInfluence
An abstract base class for objects that apply forces/torques to mechanisms at each simulation time step, eg.
o dofInfluence
Adds forces/torques to a mechanism's T vector The dofInfluence acts on a mechanism in joint space, rather than cartesian space.
o uniformField
Applies a force proportional to mass to every link.
o dampedSpring
A spring and dash-pot influence.
o dofDampedSpring
An influence that acts on a DOF as a damped spring
o compliantContactForce
an influence that simulates frictionless contact forces as a damped spring
o dynoLimiter
Abstract base class for objects that limit the forces applied by influences.
o dynoConstantLimiter
Limits joint forces/torques based on a vector of fixed limits.
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