Header file for classes relating to contact and collision detection

o cdObject
a base type for objects used in collision detection
o cdPolyhedronObstacle
a fixed polyhedral obstacle
o cdBody
Represents link geometry for collision detection
o dynoCollisionOperation
Indicates what collision checking and/or contact computation should be done for a link added to a dynoContactor or dynoCollisionDetector.
o cdPair
a pair of objects that should be checked for collisions
o dynoSelfCollisionLevel
Indicates the level of mechanism self-collisions that should be checked for by the dynoCollisionDetector.
o dynoCollisionDetector
This class performs collision detection and, optionally, intersection calculation for cdBodies and their derived classes.
o dynoContactor
Detects collisions between objects and adds contact constraints and/or influences to the dynamicSystem so that contact can be simulated.
o dynoWheelInfo
Stores wheel geometry information used when creating rolling contacts.
o cdRecord
bookkeepping class used by dynoContactor
o dynoContact
contact constraint/influence/patch container class
This file contains definitions for classes relating to collision detection and contact.

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